https://www.tailosglobal.com, a unit of Shri Balaji Enterprises is one of country’s bussing online marketplace for consumer goods. Founded in the year 2018, the firm has a vast collection of consumer goods ranging from apparels to standard Television. With our aim to be “online Consumer Products hub”, we endeavor to become a pioneer in the Consumer Products retail industry.

As one of the biggest unorganized sectors in the country, sometimes it becomes very difficult for the consumers to find their suited product from the comfort of their home. Our platform offers a trusted channel for such customers in order to reap the maximum benefits out of it. Customers can find the required Consumer Products using our online catalogue and can make their search through VIN, product or part name.

Since 100% customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, we only deal in high-quality genuine products. Our expert team is dedicated to redefining the Indian Consumer Products industry. Born out of the simple idea, here at Tailos, customers can find the exact requirement with transparent pricing and on time delivery, surely a win-win situation for all concerned.

TAILOS GLOBAL – No. 1 Online Marketplace to Buy Genuine Consumer Products.
Placing order online gives you an independence from external circumstances and the opportunity to plan your day exactly how you want it away from the ruckus. No rush to miss urban transport and even be late for work, because of outside factors. You feel free, have the ability to address business and pleasure travel, as you want. All these reasons have a huge influence on the increase in number of online orders each year. A latest research has found out that More than half (62%) of US consumers with Internet access now shop online at least once a month. More than 8 in 10 people (83%) are satisfied overall with their online shopping experiences. According to research, the current number is going to increase to 1.7 billion. That’s why online Consumer Products purchase are in demand these days. Tailos is one of the leading Consumer Products marketplace in India, which pursues the aim to organize the Consumer Products market and make the shopping process easier and more convenient.

The offer from www.tailosglobal.com

Our project was established in 2018. Over this time, we have been working on our goal – to help customers in Consumer Products sales and provide them maximum shopping satisfaction. This advertising platform was created to make online shopping easier for the customers. Customers get an opportunity to buy high quality products online. Our continuously updated catalogues are filled with Consumer Products, with well-known, and highly regarded features. This provides us with the ability to offer our products, communicate with clients, and increase sales along with their market share.

How do we work: key features of Tailos

Clear and transparent offers. We do not promote any particular product, all parts are sorted by producers’ information and filtered by customers’ choice. Quick and competent service. If any problems occur, www.tailosglobal.com will put its best foot forward to solve issues. Easy to read catalogues, with the latest offers. Every day new products with actual price lists appear. Simple and easy-to-understand website. We created it be both useful and mobile-friendly, so our visitors can order genuine Consumer Products.

Reasons to choose Tailos

  • 10 Days Assured Return: If Consumer Products do not match your expectations, we will initiate return process after your request, given only when if it is returned in that same shape and state as delivered. The return process is very smooth and simple. You will get replacement or money back by your choice.
  • Return will be applicable only if there is manufacturing default. Physical wear and tear will not be entertained.
  • Electronic Products will not be returned if the warranty expires.
  • Money back process will be completed in 15 days.
  • We are responsible for information presented on our website: We are creating our catalogues using original catalogues of the products.
  • Free website usage: There is no additional payment for Consumer Products buyers.
  • Truck freight applies to orders consisting of large parts or items that require special handling due to their shape, weight or packaging. Orders with these characteristics are shipped via Truck Freight. Orders usually are processed for shipment within 24 – 48 hours from confirmation of your order. Delivery may take up to 10-14 business days (excluding weekends and holidays), within India.

What we offer?

  • We offer over 1,000 unique Consumer Products in the catalogue, embracing both quality and effective price;
  • We have over 1,000 Consumer Products available for purchase with best in industry prices;
  • We deliver products to Indian customers as well as serve markets from Europe, USA, Japan, China, UAE and South Korea;
  • Customer-Friendly Return Policy;
  • Best possible price with secure payment gateway for hassle free checkout;
  • 100% guarantee of the products quality.

Our Mission
To be an “Indian MNC Company dealing in quality Consumer Products and accessories operating for global Customers with core focus on India”.
Our Vision
We are guided by the Vision to make Consumer Products Industry organized where people can find the best-suited products just with the few mouse clicks.
Our Aim
We are driven by the aim to organize market of Consumer Products in India and abroad and become the #1 online destination for everybody interested in the Consumer Products industry. We are in a process to make the Consumer Products market more dynamic and transparent for everybody.