How home crockery is served as a important part in houses?

Plates have been served when there are lots of guests residing in our house. Have You ever thought of not having any plates in your house when large number of guests have arrived? To avoid these situations, we Tailos have been making ceramic plates that would be useful for you to serve best foods to your guests in plates. The plates that we make are made up of ceramic which is the highest quality material that can’t break even though you want to break these. These are available at the affordable prices starting from Rs. 313 till Rs. 2312. There are varieties of designs like Black Moroccan Ceramic Plate for Dinner, Blue Moroccan Ceramic Plate for Dinner 10 Inch, Ceramic Pasta Plate 9 inch and so on. These are the best quality plates so that it would really help you to serve food for the guests.

Ceramic Bowls
Ceramic Pasta Plate









Ceramic Plate
Black Moroccan Ceramic Quarter Plate 7 Inch

The ceramic plates are looking damn good and at affordable prices the plates have been there online. These ceramic plates have literally been used by each and every customer who wants to buy and use them at home. These have been the best plates ever that not only satisfy the customers but also serves the guests with great respect. The plates are served as 2 or 4 or 6 based on your requirements which you can serve guests respectively.

Ceramic Bowls
Ceramic Bowls, 180ml, set of 4


Ceramic bowls
Ceramic bowls, 180ml, set of 4

The ceramic bowls are of great designs which make guests attractive and make them subtle. The ceramic bowls are of great kind that usually won’t break and can be used throughout the life. Some of the ceramic bowls that we provide are Ceramic Ramekin Bowls Baking Cups Set of 6-180 ml, Ceramic Dip Chutney Bowls 50 ml White Set of 6, Ceramic Bowls 180 ml Set of 4. The ceramic crockery are really our best products that everyone wants to buy and make their home attractive by keeping these plates and bowls as a showpiece out there. The bowls are of limited edition in which we have used top most quality so that the bowls should always look attractive with the unique design printed on it. There are set of 4 ceramic bowls each one costing Rs.483 and some are of Rs.507. These sets of crockery always made customers attracted get to buy more and more from us.

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