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Square Shapes Ceramic jug Use for Serving in Hotels, Kitchen, Home, Restaurant, Coffee/ Tea,/Milk

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This is a luxury product.
COLOUR: Cream with Dotted Spot
ART TYPE: Handcrafted Studio Pottery

– Perfect to serve milk or water with a dose of glamour & elegance. Can also be used as a decorative flower vase.
– Depicts Studio Pottery done by the Indian Kumhar.
– Made up of Ceramic.
– Comes in a dual-tone of teal Cream Color.
– Comes in the following dimensions: 10 x 7 x 14 cm / 4 x 3 x 6 inch in size.
– It will definitely accentuate the beauty of your tableware.

4 in stock


Delicately handcrafted in ceramic, Ocean Ombre is a multipurpose jug with a unique form, embellished with a beautiful ombre glaze of Butter Color. Detailed with a bold handle and sleek curves, this jug makes the perfect additive to every breakfast table-top experience. A simple, rooted beverage holder handcrafted with love, this jug is an artists’ portrayal of the coast to bring to your life, fresh from Puducherry. The forms of coastal India intertwined with our divine love for fresh juices and milk beverages make this product a must-have to reminisce in the ethnic nostalgia of raw Indian coastal joy.

The fresh lukewarm sunlight peeps through the cracks in the curtains and the sound of waves lashing across the shore rocks flow in like a melody; the start to a cozy comfortable Sunday morning at the coast. The first curtains pulled open, the first window unlatched, the first cool-salty breeze caressing the suddenly over lit sea house. A thriving green cover, unending spans of the blue sea touching the blue skies at the horizon; the red sails of a boat specked in the distance. A sea-facing patio with a warm little table signaling some morning chai and breakfast.

Inspired from the coastal tranquillity of southern India, ‘Puducherry Mornings’, a collection of studio pottery is an earth-fable, handcrafted in ceramic to bring the calm coastal aura to your homes. Handcrafted in a neutral palette of coastal hues by artists from Pondicherry, this beautiful range of ceramic tableware and incense accessories carries with them the delicate flavors of a raw southern India. Minimalistic glazes and irregular textures, subtle yet quirky forms embellished with attentive detailing to each of these products bring the beauty of mellow breezy coastal mornings to your table and home spaces.

This collection of earth products is a coastal calling, handmade with love, to bring the calm, happiness, and cozy aura of southern Indian life by the ocean, to your favorite spaces.

Weight714 g
Dimensions4 × 3 × 6 in