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Ceramic Mug with Spoon for Coffee Milk Tea Heart Shaped (Set of 3)…

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Ceramic Mug With Spoon


Brand Name: Tailos Global
COLOUR: Floral Pattern with Cream Color Hand-painting

Set: Set of 3
ART TYPE: Floral Mughal Hand-painting

– Ideal for having Tea & Coffee with your loved ones. Can also be used as milk mugs.
– Studio pottery is handmade in Ceramic.
– Hand-glazed in a dual-tone of dark brown & cream.
– Sturdy in nature as double fired at 1200 degrees celsius.
– Comes in 9 x 9 x 11 cm / 3 x 3 x 4 inch in size.
– The volume of Mug is 320 ML.
– It rejoices in spreading the mood of love, festivity & togetherness over chai & coffee.

Size & Fit

Dimensions:   (L * W * H) = 9 x 9 x 11 cm / 3 x 3 x 4 inch

Material & Care

Wipe with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust

3 in stock


Ceramic Mug with Spoon

Story of Compilation of Ceramic Mug with Spoon:

Buy Our Best Product Ceramic Mug With Spoon set of 3. There is something utterly desirable about life in villages that we city people often miss in our every day – the absconding simplicities of a slow-moving life, of needful chores that sustain the basics of survival, and of rustic landscapes that no sky-scraped city can compare to.

Breathing the crisp clean country air, dwelling in the pastels of nature, and being surrounded with loving members of an entire community in good and bad times has its own charm of uncomplicated cacophonies.

Capturing this essence of simple village lifestyles, ‘Ceramic Mug’ is a collection of ceramic tableware delicately handmade, in pastel dichromatic palettes in the interiors of India. Bringing the simple aura of rural living to your kitchen and dining spaces, this is a family of ceramic mugs, cups, and kettles beautifully glazed with cream color with dotted cover.

Beautifully handmade and delicately shining, the ‘ceramic mug’ is a rural earth story, which is translated into this set of mugs with a spoon, lid beautiful ceramic studio pottery mug. There is a glow of fresh cream on the outside and a dotted cream glaze on the inside, which makes us feel like fresh butter is flowing through the mug, and it reminds us of our childhood because touching it made us It feels like touching butter.

Out of the ordinary, this set of double-toned mugs is endowed with a long thick body with simple round handles and easy-grip forms, creating effortlessly elegant tableware. Ceramic cream mug brings simple, easy joys to your home as a handmade token of solitude and effortlessness; At the same time making for a beautiful gift idea. 


Inspired by the simplicity of rural life and represented with effortless color interactions in pastel, this range of studio pottery brings the laid back and the uncomplicated to slow things down during your tea times of solitude and togetherness, where you can reminisce in the soulful happiness of an easy-breezy life with ceramic tableware in simple forms, linear textures and absolutely beautifully glazed bodies. Minimal design elements with lots of nature.

Weight1197 g
Dimensions3 × 3 × 4 in

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