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Ceramic Serving Platter for Food Presentation at Home Restaurant Party Kitchen

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Ceramic Serving Platter


Brand: Tailos Global
ART TYPE: Hand-painted Depicting Handglazed Studio Pottery fired at 1200 degree celsius

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Perfect to serve refreshments, salads, snacks, or nibbles to your guests.
– Handcrafted in a unique elliptical shape.
– This product is part of our collection “The Splashes of Black & Crimson: A Volcanic Story”.
– Comes with 1 platter.
– Made in Ceramic.
– Depicts Handmade & Handglazed Studio Pottery with a tint of Ombre brown over Crimson & Black.
– This studio pottery is double fired at 1200 degrees celsius to make the product sturdy.
– There could be a slight variation in the dual-tone glazing/color/finish on the product, as the glazing is done inside the furnace fired at 1200 degree celsius to make the product sturdy and due to the natural property of the studio glazing it is impossible to predict the color of the glazing/finish which will eventually come on the product after the firing process.
– Comes in Black, Crimson & Ombre Brown color.
– Comes in the following dimensions: 24 x 15 x 2 cm / 9 x 6 x 1 inch in size.
– The product is lead-free and food safe.
– The product is dishwasher and microwave safe.
– Wipe off with a soft damp cloth and do not use abrasive material for cleaning.
Handmade & Handglazed Studio Pottery double fired at 1200 degrees celsius.
DIMENSIONS: (L * H * W) = 24 x 15 x 2 cm / 9 x 6 x 1 inch
COLOR: Black, Crimson & Ombre Brown


Ceramic Serving Platter

Best Ceramic Serving Platter for home party and offices. You can use this Ceramic serving platter during the festive season as well to serve the snacks and foods. Standing tall with its pride reaching the crescent moon, intimidating the world as it tiptoes to its colossal roof. The gust of wind was strong that day, but nothing could shake the volcano from its grace. While the world saw the volcano with a feeling of fear, a pair of twinkling eyes admired it and formulated an idea so crystal clear. The heat emitting from the fire mountain filled the air, igniting passion in the artist’s heart with a flare. When a home that day the artisan reached, his ideas had filled to the peak. Eyes focused on the task at hand, his mind fixated on his new creation turning into a meaningful piece. That night he thanked the volcano, its warmth, and its beauty; the one that blessed him with inspiration to fulfill his artistic duty.

Inspired by the exquisite volcanoes of the islands of Andaman, ‘Splashes of Black & Crimson: A Volcanic Story’ is a heartwarming tableware collection that emits similar imagery as a dynamic volcano with its bold color palette of black, crimson and ombre blue. Capturing the essence of how nature and every element of it inspire artists around the world, exhibiting itself in the beautiful process of pottery, the collection offers a touch of warmth, care, and soulfulness into our homes as well as in our lives. Decorated with gorgeous ceramic cups and saucer, beer mugs, bowls set, serve-wares, handis, plate sets, kadhai, planters and so much more, this set will welcome a rustic set of charms to your dining table and the surroundings. Dual hand-glazed and prepared with care under double-fired heat of 1200 degrees Celsius, all these microwave friendly, lead-free beauties imitate the raw and wander lusting sight of a volcano, catering your home with a warmth that is to be shared with all your loved ones.

Weight465 g
Dimensions12 × 5 × 1 in

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