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Hand Painted Ceramic Pickle & Chutney Jars with lid Set of 3

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Hand Painted Ceramic Pickle & Chutney Jars with lid Set of 3

    1. Material – Ceramic/Stoneware, The product is lead-free and food-safe, The product is dishwasher and microwave safe.
    2. Hand-Finished Decorative Jar: crafted of hand-thrown porcelain, the lidded canister is hand-painted in timeless cobalt blue and white in the beautiful floral pattern.
    3. Functional – Best For Home, Hotel, Cafe, Buffet, Party, Etc. Perfect For Storing And Preserving A Variety Of Ingredients Including Preserves, Jams, Chutneys, Rice, Sugar, Flour, Tea, Coffee, Herbs, Spices, Biscuits, Etc
    4. Dinnerware is food safe as it’s protected by eco glazed. Stoneware that does not absorb moisture, is more hygienic and has better heat retention properties
    5. Attention – This is not a bone china product; Due to the firing at 1200 degrees Celsius and the natural property of the studio glazing. Can be used as chutney cum pickle storage jar and spice storage containers for dining table and kitchen

1 in stock


Ceramic Pickle and Chutney Jars

Our inspiration for Ceramic Pickle and Chutney Jars comes from the floral design which has a great impact on the ancient world. Nature has always inspired man and his creations.

He has embellished them by things he has seen around him. Flora like flowers, trees, foliage, fruits, lotuses, creepers, honeysuckles and fauna like elephants, horses, camels, bulls, birds like swans, parrots have all been depicted in scenes and decoration on religious shrines, temples and other monuments across India, over centuries.

In Buddhist art, the bodhi tree, the jambu tree, the sala, and the Asoka tree are very significant as they are part of Lord Buddha’s life. He was born in a sala grove under an Asoka tree, mostly meditated under jambu trees, and attained enlightenment under a bodhi tree.

‘Pickled-Coupled’ from the collection ‘Ancient Indian floral design’, is a compact set of two pickle jars and a jar-holder tray, handcrafted in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh, inspired from an Ancient Rural Indian Floral Design; riverside small flower and white and yellow river sand touching the beautiful blue and clean waters of the Ganges tributary river.

The story of the mystic land of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, with a sign language of geometric motifs used in traditional art and architecture, is translated into ceramic, with an indigenous Ancient Indian Floral pattern on a white base hand-painted in white, while sand yellow is used as an accent.

The cylindrical jars half patterned in the floral presence and a half in sand yellow, have dome-like lids with a white and yellow droplet-holder, fitting into a yellow tray, capturing the essence of Ancient Indian Riverside enigmatically into a holistic set. Indian craftspeople have crafted ‘Pickled-Coupled’ by hand, with so much love, to transport us back to times of enchanting wandering in a thriving historic small riverside country, to your tabletops and favorite home and kitchen spaces.

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